Fields of Activity

Fields of activity of Makfed are as follows:

  1. To protect and develop the democratic, social, cultural and professional personal rights the Federation-Member Associations and their professional members, and to carry out activities in this direction;
  2. To follow and support the social, cultural and professional activities of the Federation-Member Associations; to share such activities with the public and its members by using visual and written communication facilities;
  3. To identify the problems and requirements of the Federation Members and of other sectoral organizations; to make initiatives with public and private entities in order to voice or remedy the same;
  4. To put forward proposals for the laws, regulations, by-laws, specifications and standards to be issued on matters concerning the sector; to make contributions on this matter by advocating the views of the sector; to make efforts for correction of possible incongruities in current legislation;
  5. To prevent the sector from being used for private aims and private interests, to oversee compliance with professional principles and to protect the honor and prestige of the profession; to ensure that the sector develops in a harmonious, planned and efficient manner in accordance with the professional ethics of the sector and in line with public benefit; to prevent any acts that clearly constitute unfair competition in the sector; to contribute towards measures being taken for eliminating any practices or actions that illegally hinder competitive conditions at national or international levels;
  6. To act as an arbiter in any disputes that may arise between the Federation-Member Organizations and their members and third parties , governmental and private entities or between themselves; to make legal initiatives against all kinds of activities that will harm the Member Associations or sectoral interests and prestige;
  7. To carry out top-level lobbying for Turkish Machinery Manufacturing Sector in Turkey and in the world; to undertake representative or actual duties at existing or prospective organizations in all areas concerning the sector; to lead the formation of sectoral institutions and boards;
  8. To follow the situation, activities, capabilities, capacity, production, trade, technology and progress of the machinery manufacturing industry in Turkey and in the world, to carry out statistical studies, to announce the conclusions of such studies to its members, to the public, to sectoral organizations and establishments through publications, circulars, meetings and similar ways;
  9. To cooperate with universities, public and private entities in order for research and development activities to be carried out for solving the scientific and technical, general and private problems emerging in machinery construction and manufacturing and in the operation of mechanical systems, and for the design and production of highly-efficient and quality machinery; to provide support in various ways to, or carry out where necessary, any studies on this matter;
  10. To cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions and organizations; to encourage, with all kinds of possible assistance and support, the studies on these areas of scientific, vocational education and training institutions and similar organizations; to lead the use of the results of research; to support the realization of educational and training activities in line with contemporary criteria and economic requirements,
  11. To organize courses, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and fairs related with sectoral and professional subjects; to provide training possibilities at home and abroad,
  12. To follow national and international fairs and organizations related with the sector and encourage and ensure, to the extent allowed by available means, the participation of Member Associations and their members in such activities; to carry out all kinds of activities that will expand the knowledge and experiences of its Members and of the members of the Member Organizations,
  13. To carry out joint activities with other federations, confederations, associations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in order to achieve a common purpose in every area which is related with the purpose of establishment and which are not prohibited under laws; to be a member of such organizations; to establish platforms, federations or confederations with them,
  14. To carry out international activities, to open overseas representative offices and promote the sector abroad with the aim of representing the Turkish Machinery Manufacturing Industry in international arena; to be a member of sectoral international organizations and of such umbrella organizations as international top-level associations, federations and confederations in order to make a contribution towards global competitive power; to appoint representatives and delegates to serve in the management and working bodies of such organizations; to carry out joint activities with such organizations,
  15. To identify the organizational needs and problems of the sub-sectors, to provide the unorganized ones with support to enable them to establish and maintain their associations and be a member of the Federation,
  16. To encourage the Member Associations to be a member of international umbrella organizations related with their sub-sectors; to support the activities to be carried out for sectoral representation,
  17. The Federation may neither attend nor support any activity, action or meeting with political aims.
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