Overview of Turkish Machinery Sector

Turkish Machinery Group (TMG)

Turkey is the 18th largest economy in the world and the 7th largest economy in Europe, according to GDP figures (at PPP) in 2014.

The economy grew with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 4.7 percent over the period of 2002 to 2014.

As the GDP levels increased to USD 800 billion in 2014, up from USD 305 billion in 2003, GDP per capita soared to USD 10,404, up from USD 4,565 in the given period.

Total Export and Import of Turkey

Export, which was USD 73 billion in 2005, rose to USD 144 billion by at the end of 2015.

Rising Sector of Turkey: MACHINERY

Production in the Turkish machinery sector more than doubled in 10 years.

With its rapid development and the potential it has, the Turkish Machinery Sector is a sector increasing its share in the Turkish economy and exports. The share of Turkish machinery export is 9,3 % in Turkey’s total export.

Machinery is the secondary largest sector in Turkey’s export.

Turkey exports to more than 200 countries (including free zones).

With an avarage annual growth rate of 15% over the last 5 years, Turkish machinery export has taken the third place in rank of world export increase.

Over the last 5 years, the highest increase was realized in Turkish machinery sector. Machinery export has achived 67% increase.

Over the last 12 years, machinery export has increased 7 fold.

About % 60 of our export is to EU and USA.

By the year 2023, Turkish machinery aims to double their share within Turkey’s total export.

Machinery Foreign Trade of Turkey (Billion $)

SOURCE: TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

Over the last 10 years;

Turkey’s machinery export, which was USD 5,2 billion in 2005, has reached USD 13,4 billion in 2015, through an average annual growth of 16 percent, which is above the annual growth rate of Turkey’s overall exports in the same period (8%)

Machinery import reached USD 26,4 billion in 2015, through an average annual growth of 10,3 percent.

Share of Machinery Sector in Total Export and Import of Turkey

Source: TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

In 2015, while the share of machinery sector in total export of Turkey has been 9,3 %, the share of import has inreased to 12,8 %.

Main Product Groups Share in Machinery Export of Turkey (2015)

Source: TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

Main Product Groups Share in Machinery Import of Turkey (2015)

 Source: TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

Main Countries in Machinery Export of Turkey (2015)

TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

In Turkey’s machinery export, Germany, USA, China, UK, İtaly and France are among top 5 countries in 2015.


ECONOMIC GROWTH %6,94,50,7-4,89,28,52,24,12,9 
INDUSTRIAL GROWTH %7,37-0,5-9,913,18,92,533,63,1
MACHINERY INDUSTRY GROWTH %9,45,7-4,2-22,932,622,217,32,7-1,7

Source: TurkStat-Turkish Statistical Institute

In recent years, Turkish machinery industry growth rates are much higher than growth rates of Turkey’s overall economy and industry

Turkish machinery sector attaches great importance to R&D activities! In Turkey, the ratio of R&D expenditure to GNP keeps increasing.

Over the last ten years, the share of R&D expenditure in GNP has doubled and reached to % 1,01 in 2014.

For R&D Incentives Visit:

  1. www.sanayi.gov.tr Ministery of Science, Industry and Technology
  2. www.tubitak.gov.tr The Scientific  and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  3. www.invest.gov.tr Invest in Turkey, investors’ guide


Turkey jumped 6 spots to claim 24rd position in 2014, up from last year's 29th, on the global foreign direct investment (FDI) destination rankings.

The machinery industry has attracted more than USD 771 million FDI over the past ten years.

The joint power of the Turkish Machinery Industry

Turkish Mechanical Industry Platform has been founded in order to develope the Machinery and Accesories Sector by its sub-sectors with the leadership of Machinery & Accessories Exporters’ Union. 32 Sectoral Association and Sectoral Organization are the members of the Platform.

To represent Turkish machinery sector worldwide, Turkish Mechanical Industry Platform turned into a Federation in 2014 (MAKFED). 16 sub-sectoral associations which represent machinery manufacturers are members of MAKFED. 


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