Giant Union in Turkish Machinery Sector

14 associations representing machinery producers unite under the name of Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED)

The machinery manufacturing sector’s association under the umbrella of MSSP (Machinery Industry Sectoral Platform) has been turned into a federation. 14 associations representing different machinery sub-sectors have established the Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED).

Mr. Kutlu Karavelioğlu, who presently serves as the Deputy Chairman of both MAIB (Machinery Exporters’ Union) and MPG (Machinery Promotion Group), has become the first Chairman of MAKFED which aims at sectoral integration by assuming an effective role in the formation of all policies and applications related with the machinery manufacturing industry.

MSSP, which was established in January 2007 with the support of MAİB (Machinery Exporters’ Union) represented the machinery producers at home and abroad during its 7-year past. Having demonstrated their power in international representation, the platform members met on 22 November 2014, undersigning the establishment of MAKFED. Making an application to Ankara Provincial Directorate for Associations, MAKFED gained its official identity following the approval of the Directorate on 28.11.2014, Friday.

Distancing themselves from private aims and interests

The Federation adopted the following basic principle: “The basic principle of the Federation is to maximize the solidarity existing among the member associations and their professional members. Under this principle, all member associations and their members agree, declare and undertake that they will distance themselves from individualism and private aims and interests while executing their sectoral duties and responsibilities.”

Chairman Mr. Kutlu Karavelioğlu

Mr. Kutlu Karavelioğlu (POMSAD) has been elected as the Temporary Chairman, Mr. Hüseyin Semerci (PAGDER) has been elected as the Vice Chairman, Mr. Şenol Önal (TARMAKBİR) has been elected as the Director-Treasurer, and Mr. Sefa Targıt (AYSAD), Mr. Halil Tamer Öztoygar (İMDER) have been elected as Directors, who will serve until MAKFED’s 1st General Assembly meeting to be held in six months. Head office of the Federation is located in Ankara

“The mission to enhance the competitive power of the national industry”

In connection with the establishment of the Federation, Mr. Kutlu Karavelioğlu, Chairman of MAKFED, said:

“All sectors expected to be successful should first of all have a common vision and mission adopted by all stakeholders, i.e. a common past, language and culture, in addition to the characteristics required of a “sector”, that is, a qualified employment and production infrastructure, as well as a serious economic size. The elements constituting it should know and understand each other well, be able to identify their joint interests sensitively, and join forces by recognizing the impetus and power to be provided by a healthy and rightful competition.

We, the 14 associations of the machinery manufacturing sector, not having luxury of being unsuccessful, have established our Federation whose infrastructure has been prepared in nearly 3 years, by uniting around the ideal of being one of the leverages of social welfare. Being the umbrella organization of the machinery manufacturing family, MAKFED will carry a very important responsibility.”

Following are the 14 Founder-Members of MAKFED:

1AKDER-Fluid Power Association
2ARÜSDER-Vehicle and On-vehicle Equipment and Work Machines Association
3AYSAD-Elevator and Escalator Industrialists’ Association
4BESİAD-Fastener Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association
5İMDER-Turkish Construction Equipment Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association
6İSDER-Turkish Materials Handling, Storage & Industrial Equipments Association
7İSKİD-Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’Association
8KBSB-Vessel and Pressure Vessel Industrialists’ Association
9MİB-Machinery Manufacturers’ Association
10PAGDER-Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Assocation
11POMSAD-Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers’ Association
12TARMAKBİR-Turkish Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association
13TEMSAD-Turkish Textile Machinery Industrialists’ Association
14TEVİD-Electric Crane Manufacturers’ Association
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