Our Federation has launched activities to establish MAKFED AKADEMİ for personal development of sectoral employees and for meeting their training needs. In this context, the EU-supported "Smart Start Project" has been approved, and the project activities have rapidly commenced to identify the training needs of the sector. Planned to become operational as of 1 March 2017, MAKFED AKADEMİ will be of great use for the machinery sector in the field of training. The training to be given at the AKADEMİ by specialists in their field in many subjects ranging from management systems to personal and institutional development will take shape in the direction of the demands of the sector.


The project for “Establishment of Vocational Qualifications Center for Machinery Sector” is our first activity within the framework of our goal of “being involved in national and international projects and organizing projects with partners including our members as well”. Within the framework of our vision of “contributing to the Machinery Manufacturing Sector which serves to enhance the quality of life of our society and the sustainable development our country, so that the sector attains an internationally competitive structure in terms of quality, technology development and innovation”, the project application we made to Ankara Development Agency in last March has been accepted, which project involves the establishment of an “Examination and Certification Center” in Ankara for the National Qualifications for “Machine Installation Level 3” and “Level 4” and “Machine Maintainer Level 4”. The project aims to raise the employability and income levels of the unemployed and of low-income employees for the Machinery Sector, to support the life-long learning processes of such persons, and to promote the philosophy of qualified, certificated manpower. The specific goal of the project is to establish an “Examination and Certification Center” authorized by MYK and accredited under 3 National Qualifications, which will operate within the body of MAKFED, and to raise awareness of the importance of qualified and certificated manpower in the machinery manufacturing sector. Our project has 4 target groups: Turkish Machinery Federation and its employees, Turkish Machinery Federation-member associations, machinery manufacturer enterprises located in Ankara province and their employees (in Ankara, 10,504 persons are employed in the machinery sector, of whom ca. 85% work in micro and small-sized enterprises).
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